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FOPS E Course  blog

Day 7

I arrived early to make use of the wifi at the training venue to get a head start on what would be tonight’s homework to find Adam (last week’s tutor) setting up for his session which was sutures. He kindly demonstrated a neat suture and invited me to have a try. Completed that one under instruction, quite pleased with the outcome.

Program for the day followed the usual review of previous days learning / homework, followed by Lots of PowerPoints on Musculoskeletal injuries followed by a practical spinal injury incident ultimately transferring the casualty to a scoop stretcher. After the break burns and spinal injuries were the discussion for the day.


The day concluded with helmet removal and an incident with me taking the lead. Unconscious casualty face down in an office environment. No other details provided. Our instructions were that an ambulance would be with us in 20 minutes and they would expect the casualty to be ready for transport in that time.

Time taken to give the casualty an airway, confirm breathing, no external blood loss, take pulse oxygen levels, blood pressure, blood sugars and attach a 12 lead ECG load onto trolley 13 minutes.

Tomorrow there will be a bonus in that I will be sitting the Medicine In Remote Area (MIRA) exam.

One final practice unsupervised son suturing brought the course day to a close, just homework to do