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All the latest news from First Aid Academy

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Customer evaluations and comments

At the end of every course we ask candidates to offer  some feedback on 3 areas of the course they have undertaken, (1) their development of skills and knowledge, (2) ... Read more

Great course at Wendover

Clear instruction, good amount of information and practical exercise. Excellent course, well managed and informative. Thought the instructor was very good in helping all levels of peoples knowledge, definitely feel more ... Read more

Training does work!

This is a letter sent from a member of an Expedition to Greenland: “I am one of the members of the group who went out to the Arctic this summer on ... Read more

Diabetes Awareness Month

Today marks the beginning of Diabetes Awareness Month. It’s a month to raise awareness and talk about diabetes. It also leads up to World Diabetes Day which is just 2 ... Read more

First Aid Training in Kazakhstan

Taking our first aid training to Almaty, Kazakhstan First aid principles are global and UK first aid qualifications are highly sought after overseas. It’s no surprise that this is the case ... Read more

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Great course in Bolton

Hi Alan, Thanks for the last few days, I learnt more about first aid than many years in the St John Ambulance Brigade in my teens, and several office first aid ... Read more

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Changes to RIDDOR 2013

From 1 October 2013, RIDDOR 2013 comes into force, which introduces significant changes to the existing reporting requirements. The main changes are to simplify the reporting requirements in the following ... Read more

New manager for Advenutre First Aid

Alan Sherliker is currently the sole Director of First Aid Academy. He is also the manager of Advenutre First Aid as well! He has 30 year experience working as a teacher and ... Read more

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High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema Database

Have you or someone you know suffered with HAPE? If so please see More research into this potentially fatal illness is taking place and you may be able to help. Many ... Read more

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Outdoor First Aid is ‘fun’ in Bovey

The trainers were obviously excellent first aiders with comprehensive knowledge and a range of suitable experience. Great trainers, very sympathetic and informative. Thanks for a good course. – Tracey Read more