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FOPS E Course  blog

Day 3

After a review of last night’s homework on drugs in the pre hospital environment we had another nice mix of theory and practical today commencing with an practical incident (as the senior, for that read oldest), I was the simulated casualty.

Simulated chest paid with 2 medics attending me, running through an accident procedure where the casualties condition worsened into a cardiac arrest. Really useful learning curve and we could tell from the debrief that the expected performance of our primary care was now being ramped up several notches.

We then went back to a theory session on CPR and defibrillation. Looking in more detail about shockable and non-shockable rhythms. The drugs involved and what a paramedic might be doing with our assistance. Adam, our tutor then sprung an interesting question. 2 casualties 1 defib and 2 sets of pads? Can you use 1 defib with 2 casualties???

Best way to find out – run a scenario… turns out you can….

I was then presented with a choking casualty… running through the choking protocol reasonably nicely clearing “Choking Charlie’s” airway with an abdominal thrust on the first go… Points scored.

Tonight’s homework Glucose Oral Gel 40%, Glucagon, Entanox.