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FOPS E Course blog Day 4

FOPS E Course  blog

Day 4

What an interesting day!!

Following the review of last night’s homework 9the final group of section 19 Drugs), we spent some time chatting and raising awareness of the drugs a paramedic might use preparing us for our placement with an active ambulance service.

A road traffic collision incident was then run, the single occupant driver sustaining several injuries and needed extraction from the vehicle before the fire service could arrive Car starting to ignite. As with First Aid Academy the learning is in the debrief. Yes, there was room for improvement, however this was only our 3rd or 4th incident at this level.

There was then a personal study time where the 3 of us worked through the accident procedure and reviewed the medical implications.

After lunch we were introduced to cannulation (not that I will be allowed to do cannulation, but more from what a paramedic who I was supporting would be expecting. This was followed by the 12 lead ECG. We looked at the placement of the electrical connectors, and began to interpret the print out. (Tomorrow we will be placing the leads)

The day was brought to a close with the preparation of saline solution ready for cannulation and taking temperatures with a tympanic thermometer.

Tonight’s homework Anatomy and physiology of the bones, the digestive tract and the bones of the skull