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FOPS E Course blog Day 8

FOPS E Course  blog

Day 8

Can’t believe we were on day 8.

Nice early start with a review to consolidate learning.

We then had presentations on Toxicology, Pharmacology and Drug Administration

After the morning break 3 incidents were run,

Unconscious sleeper

Teenage boy with undiagnosed hyperglycaemia

And when it was my turn to take the lead an unconscious casualty who was in a town centre suffering from a seizure. Could have kicked myself at the hand over to the paramedic cause I forgot to check blood glucose (Acc proc DRcABCDEfg Done Ever forget glucose). Other than that it went ok.

We then sat our Medicine In Remote Areas exam and passed. 1 brain freeze moment where I reversed the systolic blood pressure at the radial pulse with the carotid pulse…. Dohh

To finish the day, we talked about intra muscular injections, and did practical cannulation on a manikin arm.