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FOPS E Course  blog

FOPS E Course  blog

Day 1

Well I arrived bright and early to the 2 weeks of classroom activity. Met the course trainer for this week and the other 2 candidates.

We started with an introduction to the course, the general outline of course content and exam. O thinking about what I currently teach on a typical outdoor first aid course (DR(C)ABCDE, we substituted Hazards for Danger. Thus now looking at HR(C) though I still like DR(C)

A – Airway now becomes Ac Airway considering c spine, with the additional thought of using LMA or SGA airway devices as an alternative to other invasive airway adjuncts.

C – Circulation looking for other blood loss (blood on the floor plus 4 more – look for signs and symptoms of bleeding in Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis and Long bones)

D – Disability Is the casualty “on the floor for medical reasons”?

E – Environment

And as an addition to what I would normally do / teach – fg (don’t) forget Glucose

So whilst administering MY first aid I should be thinking DR(C)AcBCDEfg

What does this mean for courses I am teaching to you? In some ways not a lot, it will influence how we address some issues especially on the Outdoor First Aid course. Clearly it will have a greater influence on the First Person On Scene Intermediate course when I am able to teach it as it is a higher level qualification than the First Aid at Work.

The afternoon was spent looking in greater detail the workings of the body, especially the nervous system and the circulatory system.

Really looking forward to tomorrows content, now we have a greater background to back up the practical

Now to settle down to tonight’s homework, the administration of 2 drugs (Aspirin and Adrenalin) ready for presenting to course members tomorrow.