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Outdoor First Aid, Gloucester, February 9 2016

At the end of every course we ask candidates to offer  some feedback on 3 areas of the course they have undertaken, (1) their development of skills and knowledge, (2) the trainer and (3) the venue.

Each section has a number of questions to which we ask candidates to give a score out of 5, these are then summarised as an average for each section.

These evaluations are randomly sampled and verified by our Awarding Organisation. Here at First Aid Academy Ltd we are so proud of the consistent results achieved, that we publish them here for you to view.


Course: 4.8  |  Trainer: 4.8  |  Venue: 4.7

Outdoor First Aid, Gloucester, February 9 2016

Outdoor element much more suited to my employment role than FAW

Very useful instruction – strong instructor

Very thorough & in depth with discussion + reflection

Great fun! Thanks very much.